Monday, 11 May 2015

Me Made May 2015 week one

Well it's more like week one and a half now. Running a little behind with this post 

Day 1 
I wore my version of Sewaholic Minoru jacket. I should really blog about this as I made quite a few changes and spent a lot of time making it. I wear it quite frequently. I'm also wearing a SBCC tonic tee. First time trying this pattern but there will definitely be more of these. It's a free pattern too so definitely give it a try.. 

Day 2 

These jeans started life as massively big flares that were so long I needed to wear enormous heels. So I never wore them. The fit from the knees up was actually very good so I altered them, shortened and skinnified them. 
Now I wear these a few times a week. Need to try gingers again 

Day 3 
Skipped a day. We were away for a few days with friends. I don't have many casual weekend clothes made by me suitable for the beach on a wet bank holiday weekend in Ireland. 

Day 4
The famous Deer and Doe Plantain tshirt pattern plus bonus freaky hand 

Day 5 

Back to work :( 
In Manhattan trousers from SBCC.i have blogged about these previously. 

Day 6

I love this dress. I based this on the Dixie DIY ballet dress pattern but hacked the front bodice into a faux wrap. Sadly this is started to show signs of wear at the waist but I can always make another to replace it. 

Day 7
Lazy pyjamas day. Found these in The Pile of UFOs. I originally started these about 2 years ago and based them off a burda magazine trouser pattern. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Halfway through I decided they were awful and into The Pile they went. They resurfaced and funnily enough they weren't that bad. I had added pockets which hung open and were very annoying so I just sewed them shut and hemmed them after chopping 3" off the bottom. 

Day 8
My black skinny jeans and newly finished sleeveless Sewaholic Granville shirt. 

Day 9
Black skinnies again 
I think we may be starting to see a trend 

Day 10
Skipped a day 

Day 11
A Sewaholic day
Sleeveless Granville shirt and black Hollyburn skirt 

So I'm on target. Only skipped 2 out of 11 days so far. I did wear me made underwear most days as well but I ain't gonna be photographing that. You can thank me later! 

Thanks for reading 

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