Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Christmas makes

I made loads of Christmas gifts this year. 

I made quite a few of these knitted animals. The patterns are from Little Cotton  Rabbits and they are excellent, very detailed although quite time consuming. They are definitely worth it. 

I also made another Baable hat for my cousin . 
An advent calendar 

A teddy using Purl Bee's free pattern 
This was taken before I embroidered some eyes on. The pattern uses buttons for eyes but I was worried in case they would come off and a baby would swallow them. 

A Purl Bee rabbit 

Christmas pyjamas using a Tshirt pattern from Ottobre magazine and Peek A Boo winter pjs pattern for the trousers  
Another set of pyjamas, again using Peek A Boo winter pjs pattern though I sized up 2 sizes as the fabric wasn't very stretchy. 
And another set of Pj bottoms using the size 8 Burdastyle  boys pyjamas pattern from the Burdastyle website. 

All these along with making various Christmas decorations and Christmas cakes, it's no wonder I was feeling a bit tired. 

I have also managed to finish up the Star Wars quilt but I think this is a long enough post. I will be back someday with photos of the quilt and maybe even some sewing for me.