Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Me Made May - the final week

Well this is well overdue considering it's July!!!! 

Day 22 
Julia cardigan and SBCC tonic tee 

Day 23

We headed off for a few days holiday. I wore a tessuti Mandy boat neck tee and some Gap jeans which I modified to skinny leg. The Mandy tee was shortened 3 inches and 4 inches taken off the overall width of the bodice. I was surprised how much I liked this as it's not a silhouette I would normally wear. A few more of these would be very useful. 

Day 24

 Chilling out wearing a dixie diy ballet dress that I hacked into a sleeveless maxi dress. So comfy to wear. 

Day 25 

No me Mades today 

Day 26 

More chilling out wearing another SBCC tonic tee. 

Day 27 

Heading home with my trusty Minoru jacket by Sewaholic. 

Day 28 

A day of unpacking and washing clothes after our breakaway. I never made it out of my dressing gown, which is Vogue 8888. 

Day 29 

No me Mades today 

Day 30 

Back to work in jacket Simplicity 1688

Overall I was really pleased with my participation in MMM15 and I managed to meet my target. I do struggle with me Mades items on my days off work. These days at home with my children and catching up on housework are usually spent in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies. These are not items that I want to spend my limited sewing time on. 

Thanks for reading