Friday, 9 January 2015

The cutest thing I have ever made!

Trying out posting from my phone as it is months since I posted anything at all. I have been sewing quite a bit but find blog writing and photos a bit of a chore. That said I think keeping a blog would be a good way to keep track of my sewing.

So this is an outfit made for my niece. From Burda magazine 09/13 dress waistcoat and leggings in size 74. 

The dress is made from chambray from Truro fabrics. The dress has a yoke bodice and a gathered skirt. I left off the pockets and added some cute stripy buttons down the back 

The waistcoat was made from an old grey jumper of mine , lined with red jersey  from an old maternity top. I added pockets made from the sleeves, using the ribbing from the bottom of the sleeve. I embroided a cat's face onto one of the pockets. Cute !!!
Lastly a simple pair of leggings. The original pattern had a back yoke and side seams, but I removed these to make it easier. 
So there we go, the photos might not be great quality but some photos are better than none