Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Archer by grainline and me

This is the Archer shirt from Grainline which really needs no introduction as I think I am the last person in blog land to make one (or three) up. 

I have made this one in a navy georgette with small beige spots, from my Goldhawk Road haul. Previously I would have called this chiffon but I am in the middle of making up a different blouse from NL6107 in chiffon. And it is some slippery s*** whereas this was manageable. 

I originally cut this at size 4 for neck and shoulders grading out to size 8 for the bust waist and hips. Later I took about an inch out of the side seams grading out to nothing at the hips. I cut the length at the size zero line as I'm very short, also took an inch out of the arm length. They are still about two inches too long but I always roll my sleeves up so no biggie. 
I originally intended to add sleeve tabs to help keep the sleeves rolled up but got carried away with the sewing and only remembered when I had the sleeve seam closed. At that stage I thought it would be too difficult to try and add them in... Ahh well next time!

The biggest problem I had was the buttonholes. More of a problem as my machine has a 4 stage buttonhole and this tricky to get it all lined up and back to the point where you started. Add in the slightly sloppy fabric and it was a bit of a nightmare. To help I put some tissue paper under whilst sewing and this did help to stabilise things a bit. 
For the collar I used Andrea of four square walls tutorial and this turned out to be my best collar yet. 
I went for brown tortoise shell type buttons after getting some help choosing via Instagram. 
I think I have mentioned before my problem with interfacing (someday I might conquer this probable irrational fear ;) 
This sheer fabric did need something for the collar, cuffs and button bands so I used some navy cotton lawn which I salvaged from the lining of an old summer dress. Good colour match and gives a bit of stability. 

I asked my 8 year old niece to take a few photos of my new shirt. This is the only usable one and I look like a lunatic. Blog photography ain't easy :)

I have also made two more Archers, one blue and white striped shirting from Truro fabrics and a pale pink shirting from the Goldhawk Rd. 

I am keen to get more involved in the sewing community but I having bother leaving comments on blogs (even on my own).
 Has anyone else had this issue or know what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for reading