Monday, 16 November 2015

Sew Over It Pussy Bow blouse

Whilst on a conference in March, I bought this pattern from Libertys. High time to put it to use. I have a small collection of silk fabric that I have been working up the courage to sew. 
I made a quick muslin of version 2 and based on this I shortened the bodice 1.5" and the sleeves 2.5". I cut out a size 8 at the shoulders and neckline grading out to size 10 for armholes, bust and waist. 
Cutting it out was the hardest bit. I was helped by some Instagram advice, cutting single layer with tissue paper underneath helped to minimise slippage. Changing to a fresh blade in my rotary cutter was also a great improvement. Sadly I didn't catch this on until I had most of the cutting out done. 
Despite the difficulties in cutting, it actually sewed up well. 
I did make a little mess at the centre front as the notches didn't seem to match up but I think the neckline may have stretched out and I will stay stitch this next time. Luckily the bow covers this up anyways. 
All seams were French seamed and the hem was rolled. 
The cuffs and slits are very cute with a little bit of gathering. 

The finished object! I love it. Think I shall only wear silk from now on. Lol. It goes well with my SBCC Manhattan trousers, but would also go well with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Next time I will need to do a narrow shoulder adjustment and a forward shoulder adjustment 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Baable Hat

Poor  blog :( 
I've actually been thinking of deleting it. I've felt a bit odd having a blog, writing doesn't come naturally to me and taking photos of myself is never enjoyable. Two basic requirements for a blog really. But I will persist if only as a record for myself. 

So Baable hat then. Free pattern from Shetland wool week with lots of versions made already on Ravelry.  Super cute. 
I used Begerce de France wool (dk) from the stash and 4mm needles. The pattern is in the round but I knitted flat and seamed. Also cast on 108 stitches and added an extra lamb as I was using dk wool instead of the recommended Aran weight. Can't take credit for this as I copied this from one of the version on ravelry 

Seamed on a pumpkin on Halloween night.