Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Baable Hat

Poor  blog :( 
I've actually been thinking of deleting it. I've felt a bit odd having a blog, writing doesn't come naturally to me and taking photos of myself is never enjoyable. Two basic requirements for a blog really. But I will persist if only as a record for myself. 

So Baable hat then. Free pattern from Shetland wool week with lots of versions made already on Ravelry.  Super cute. 
I used Begerce de France wool (dk) from the stash and 4mm needles. The pattern is in the round but I knitted flat and seamed. Also cast on 108 stitches and added an extra lamb as I was using dk wool instead of the recommended Aran weight. Can't take credit for this as I copied this from one of the version on ravelry 

Seamed on a pumpkin on Halloween night. 

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