Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Simplicity 1653

Simplicity 1653 is a mock wrap dress pattern for knits with three different sleeves and two lengths to pick from. It is also one of the Amazing fit line of patterns. 

To achieve an amazing fit, different bodice pieces are supplied based on cup size. By using your high bust and full bust measurements, you can work out which is the right one for your size. There are also options for different skirts based on slim, average or curvy. Although a little confusing at first glance, it is well explained in the instructions how to select the correct pieces.

I started with size 12 for the shoulders and arms, grading out to 14 (cup B) at bust and 16 at the waist and hips. 
Simple enough construction with 1" seam allowances in places to allow for better fitting. The instructions have you baste all these seams wrong sides together so you can fine tune the fit. I skipped this bit as I felt removing basting stitches would be a bit of a pain, so I winged it.

The wrap is quite flattering. The pattern instructions have the dress knotting on the left  side though I have wrapped them right around and knotted on the right in these photos. I realise now that this is probably not the most flattering. 


I have plans to make a long sleeve version in grey John Kaldor jersey that I have stashed away. 
Hopefully in time for the Curvy sewing collective wrapalong 
Thanks for reading