Friday, 10 April 2015

Watson Bra

So I have been on a bit of an underwear making binge over the last few days. I have made a few pairs of knickers - fehr trade Lacey thong, Seamwork geneva, ohhh lulu grace pants. Then I got to thinking about a matching bra. Wouldn't that be nice?
So many gorgeous Watson bras from Cloth habit have been popping up on my blog reader and Instagram, so I decided to join the fun. 
This is my muslin, made up in 36 C. The fit is pretty good but I'm going to try 36 D as well to see which is the most comfortable
I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out 

I even managed to do the pointy bit in the middle though my edge stitching is shite. 
This is a great pattern, quick to make with fantastic instructions and sew along. There will be many more. 

Seamwork Geneva 
Ohhh Lulu Grace Pants

Fehr Trade Lacey thong 

Making my own underwear is strangely addictive so I'm off to make some more 
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