Sunday, 5 April 2015

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 1688

A few weeks ago I saw the Coco jacket that Kelli from True Bias made. I had a family celebration coming up and I fancied something similar in cut to wear. Well I actually fancied flying over the New York and stealing her jacket, love the fabric that she used. After googling the Coco jacket pattern and realised that Simplicity 1688 had similar style lines, rounded front neck edges, three quarter length sleeves.

I made up View A using some cerise crepe that I bought in Dublin last year and it's lined with some cream and black polka dots mystery fabric which I think came from Abkahan fabrics in Liverpool.  

I modified the pattern to include facings around the back neck and the front edges. The pattern has the lining that comes right up to these edges and I thought a neater finish would be achieved with facings. I also added some shoulder pads and a pleat in the back lining piece.

The front edges tend to curl out which is a bit annoying. Not sure what is wrong. Is it cut off grain? Is the interfacing too heavy? I would appreciate any advice. 

Up next ..... I am currently trying out the famous Ginger Jeans pattern. I have made up the high rise skinny leg version which looks good standing up but I find the front digs into my stomach when I sit down. Think they might be a bit too high so going to try lowering the rise an 1".

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